Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

Treatment for Fungal Nails

When toenails or fingernails become damaged, thick, split and discoloured it can mean that a fungal nail infection, onychomycosis, is present. Severe discomfort, pressure, and pain can occur when toenails are pushed against the inside of shoes. If the impacted nail lifts from the nail bed, it can cause excruciating pain in your fingers or toes. Such nail lifting can also cause a very unpleasant smell.

Onychomycosis can be treated with oral medications.  After a patient uses oral medications therapy for a course of three months, the average cure rate is 65.6%

Fungal Nail Treatment Sheffield

Oral therapies can cause drug interactions and have annoying or sometimes dangerous side effects depending on the patient. Here at our Laser Clinic in Sheffield we offer a laser option.  A device such as the GentleMax Pro can be used to help fight nail fungus and temporarily clears nails. The 1064nm wavelength has the capability to go deep down to the lower nail plate which, without major complications, will improve the look of the nail.  In addition, for patients with liver or kidney dysfunction or low immune systems, this treatment can be a great alternative to oral medications.

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