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About Us

At SAL Clinic, we are an elite team of doctors providing leading aesthetic treatments using only most cutting-edge technology.

100% Non-surgical Cosmetic Treatments

We are market leading innovators in providing a host of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Our portfolio of trend-setting and industry leading cosmetic procedures subtly enhance your inner beauty without any of the undesired side effects associated with plastic surgery. We love building your confidence and bringing a smile to your face the natural way.


Bespoke Cosmetic Treatments 

We came up with the idea for SAL Clinic over a dinner table – we realised that as human beings, we can achieve inner happiness, peace and security by bringing a hearty smile to each other’s faces.

We unanimously decided that this could only be achieved by providing a highly bespoke and tailored aesthetic treatment service that caters to each individual’s unique requirements, from the very first contact to ongoing care, for as long as needed.

We assembled a unique team of well trained and highly coveted aesthetic doctors and dermatologists, who faithfully complemented our gold standard treatments to provide a first-class experience to clients.


Qualified and Specialised Doctors

At SAL Clinic, we take a lot of pride in providing a service that’s not only high quality but ethical at all levels. From first contact to aftercare, we only advise on the best cosmetic solution based on your individual needs.

We understand how special and important client’s needs and aspirations are – our doctors tap into their naturally gifted aesthetic sense to guide you to a treatment that’s perfect for you. They will give you their honest and professional opinion once your individual needs have been assessed in detail.

Dr  Imran Malik

Clinical Director

Qualifications : MBBS MRCS Glas MRCGP Lon Dip Derm Lon

Medical Director at Sheffield Aesthetics & Laser Clinic (SAL), Dr. Imran Malik has worked in a number of surgical specialties around the UK since graduation. He is an esteemed member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (RCPSG) in Glasgow and Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in London.

Given Dr. Malik’s interest and passion in Aesthetics as well as Skin Care, he completed extensive training and secured a Diploma in Dermatology (Dip Derm) from Middlesex University London. He is fully qualified and equipped with the knowledge and experience to perform a variety of aesthetic treatments including injections and laser-based treatments.

His colleagues admirably like to refer to him as “the perfectionist”. He spends a great deal of time with each and every one of his clients, discussing the procedure in detail along with any concerns or preferences they may have, in order to achieve the best possible outcome. It is due to his work ethic and level of professionalism that he has acquired a loyal client base over the years.

Dr. Malik regularly attends conferences and seminars on Dermatology in the UK as well as abroad, in order to stay up to speed on the latest breakthroughs, procedures and techniques. He is at the forefront of quality teaching and training because he believes knowledge must be shared and spread with a wide reaching impact. It is this desire for teaching that lead to the inception of SAL Clinic.

Dr  Saira Kiyani

Aesthetic Doctor

Qualifications : MBBS, MRCGP Lon, Dip Derm Lon


Dr. Saira Kiyani has been working in both the UK NHS (National Health Service) and private sector since 2008. She is a well-respected member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in London. She has a Diploma in Dermatology (Dip Derm) from Middlesex University London.  

Dr. Kiyani combines extensive work experience and clinical knowhow in the field of Dermatology to deliver outstanding results for her clients. Her client portfolio continues to grow as she is among UK’s premiere dermatologists for a variety of skin treatments and procedures. At her core, there’s nothing that Dr. Kiyani loves more than creating the perfect smile on her clients’ faces.

Dr. Kiyani’s areas of expertise revolve around laser treatments, laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing and vaginal rejuvenation. She is all about making women feel beautiful from the inside and out.

Our Mission

 At the core of our efforts are procedures and life-changing treatments that lead to a happier, more confident you.


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